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Dominic’s friend, Calvin, asks him to look after a dog, a Jack Russell named Trigger, while he does a job out of town for a few weeks. Next morning, Dominic takes Trigger for walk on a track leading to a vast woodland area. There, they meet two men, Rowtledge and Justin, clearly up to no good.


Dominic’s curiosity takes him back to the woodlands the next day with Trigger and they find a body, Greggor’s.


Greggor is Calvin partner in crime and took some of drugs and guns from they gang leader, Alfie. When Alfie finds out, Calvin kills him and Calvin and Greggor try and get the rest of the drugs.




When a friend asks you to look after a dog for a few days and your world changes forever.




Trigger is a highly entertaining action film -- with some twists in the tale.


Dominic gets put in an impossible position. He has to help a good friend who is in trouble with the police. His actions determines whether or not a criminal gets bought to justice or whether a good friend escape the justice system. Calvin and Dominic question what does friendship and loyalty mean.


Challenging but never gratuitous, this film portrays several types of violence that is common in the criminal world.


The themes of loyalty, friendship and trust are explored in this film.



Set in the Herefordshire where there’s always something sinister underneath the surface (think Blue Velvet).


It will be a glossy, clean, highly saturated action packed themed film.


The editing to be fast but highly emotional.

Look & Feel is currently the main production company .


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Cast & Crew

Judson Vaughan


Judson was born in Greater Manchester, Lancashire, England. Acting originally started early for him, in musical theatre for local productions, later on moving into television, theatre and film. He also loves to write and enjoys all genres, finding most of his creative ideas at the most unexpected of times.

Joaquim Barreto


Joaquim Barreto who has over 10 years expericence in filmmaking. Joaquim started his career as an economist and then become a photographer and filmmaker. He  He has an MA from the London College of Fashion, University of the Arts, London.

Trigger was written by Judson Vaughan and it has won numerous awards:


Long Island Film Festival 2016

•  Won, Jury Prize

Richard Vetere Screenplay Competition


California Film Awards 2016

•  Won, Gold Award

Screenplay Competition


Canada International Film Festival 2016

•  Won, Royal Reel Award

Screenplay Competition

Script Awards

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